work process & pricing


I’m passionate about seeing ethical entrepreneurs and wellness-savvy businesses around the world get their message heard. Through eye-catching visuals and engaging copy, I want to help you reach your potential.

Realizing your dreams and getting results doesn’t need to be complicated. That’s why over the past four years I’ve refined my content creation and design process to make it as smooth and user-friendly as possible.

Whether you’re after an actionable article or a modern logo design, I strongly believe that the best results come when the work is playful and collaborative. Here’s what the process typically looks like with me:

1. CONSULT: You say hi!

Drop me a message with a rough outline of your wants and needs using this contact form and I’ll get back in touch with you as soon as possible with my availability.

2. BRIEF: We establish a project outline

I’ll send you a client questionnaire, which you can use to tell me all about your project, goals, dreams and biggest challenges. The magic is in the details, so if you like, we can dig into everything from colour combinations to copy tone. Not only will this ensure that the end product is exactly as you’d like it, it’ll also allow me to accurately calculate the project fee.

3. CONFIRMATION: We confirm the project fee & timeframe

I’ll provide you with a quote, and if we’re both happy, we’ll pencil in a start and end date (based on our availability and the scale of the project). At this stage, you’ll pay a non-refundable initial deposit (50% total cost) to secure your place in the content creation queue.

4. CREATION: We get to work

Onto the fun part…

– I begin the creative process and submit the first draft of the content to you, usually via a Google Doc Folder.

– You provide your feedback, which we’ll discuss and come to a collaborative decision over. Feedback would need to be provided within two business days to ensure we hit the target deadline.

– If needed, I’ll make any tweaks to the content based on the feedback (and pricing structure selected).

– We rinse and repeat until we’re both satisfied and excited by the end product 🙂

5. DELIVERY: You make your mark on the world

When everything is finished, I’ll deliver the final copy of the designs/content in the Google Doc Folder, and the final payment is released.

If you need additional help implementing the content or working on further projects, I’ll be happy to discuss our options!

Have a question or want to clarify something? Don’t hesitate to get in touch!


Base Rates

Daily Rate (6 hours focused work) – £450

Hourly Rate (1 hour focused work) – £75

Please note that the project pricing can vary considerably depending on a number of variables that impact the scope (complexity, depth, research, the number of revisions etc). Below I’ve listed a few base values that you might expect to pay.

Keep in mind that the below figures are rough estimates, and the final project fee is calculated based on an estimate of the time required (total number of days or hours, as above), established PRIOR to beginning the work.

Project Estimates


Single 500-word article (with research, headline, copy, one royalty free image, SEO, internal & external links and one round of revisions) ~ £160

Single 1000-word article (with research, headline, copy, two royalty free images, SEO, internal & external links and one round of revisions) ~ £320

Monthly 4 x 500-word article package (with research, headline, copy, royalty free images, SEO, internal & external links and one round of revisions) ~ £600

Monthly 4 x 1000-word article package (with research, headline, copy, royalty free images, SEO, internal & external links and one round of revisions) ~ £1200

Web & Sales Copy

Web and sales page copy (research, copy and one round of revisions) ~ £150 per page

Email sequences (copy, CTA and one round of revisions) ~ £100 per email

Copy editing (copyediting and one round of revisions) ~ £20 per 100 words

Graphic Design

Single 1500 word eBook (with research, cover design, layout, copy, three internal graphics, CTA and one round of revisions) ~ £600

Logo design (primary & secondary logo, typeface & color palette suggestions, one revision) ~ £450

Full website design (with homepage design, four additional pages, social media integration, one revision) ~ £1500

Again, these are rough estimates based on time calculations from previous projects. If you have any questions or you want to create a personalized content & design package, don’t hesitate to get in touch!